1000 Rounds of 8mm Mauser Ammo by Greek Military Surplus – 198gr FMJ *Corrosive*


Ammo Quantity – 1000 rounds per case; 20 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer – Greek military surplus
Projectiles – 198 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Ammo Casings – Berdan-primed brass
Muzzle Velocity – TBD fps
Muzzle Energy – TBD ft lbs
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This is corrosive ammunition. If you fail to take extra steps while cleaning your rifle after you have fired this ammo, then your rifle is going to accumulate rust!

You probably don’t have to wonder why the nation of Greece decided to produce a whole bunch of 8mm Mauser ammunition during the 1930s and 1940s. That was a turbulent time for Europe, and a country really couldn’t become worse off for having a lot of rifle ammo. But Greek soldiers never found a use for all of it – so now it’s your chance to!

This 8mm Mauser cartridge is loaded with a 198 grain full metal jacket projectile. It also features brass cases, although its Berdan-style primers make them pretty much useless as far as handloading is concerned. Greek military surplus cartridges have sealed primers, so they’re fairly well equipped to avoid becoming spoiled by rain and mud. But in case you still have any doubt, please be absolutely certain that this ammo’s primers are corrosive!


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